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Inventory Search. Disclosure Restrictions apply. Visit CostcoAuto. Available through Jan. View Details. View Inventory. View inventory. Learn More. Shop by Price Range. Get more for your money. Find a Chevrolet in your price range. Finance Options. Find answers to your auto financing questions at Sunrise Chevrolet.

We offer a large range of Chevrolet financing solutions. Get Pre-Approved. I did not want this because it lowered my credit score. When I went into the financing office the guy they have here is a real piece of work. I walked in and he was very happy. He tried to sell me GAP insurance. I said NO again and from there on he was very cold and nasty. I looked at the price and told him that was the price I agreed too without window etching. He grabbed the contact from me and reprinted it and did not say anything to me.

To me this was the height of Unethical professionalism.

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I also told Ryan I want to transfer my plates from my old car to my new one. He said no problem but again in the finance office this guy had no clue and tried to get me to sign for new plates. Luckily I read everything. This guy told me there would be an additional fee. I said no problem. I gave it to him no problem. Just complete unprofessional service. So I had to come back to get the issues fixed. Ryan said he would order the parts. He gave me the date to come back.

I came back and the wrong parts were ordered. They gave me an appointment 3 days later but when I got there they said I had no appointment. So I sat there for 6. So I finally got the registration and took it to the dmv to be inspected. I called Ryan and he talked to the service manager. So I had to waste my time and gas driving around putting miles on the car.

So I have to waste more time back at the dealership. I took it to my mechanic and got it fixed. There are some other problems with this car. Just completely unprofessional service. Great service experience - Caleb. I had to have an update done to my new to me Sonata.

I made the appointment online and they followed up to make sure everything was good with me. I dropped the car off and everything was done within an hour. There was great communication and it was ready when they said it would be. Avoid this business for sales, read why. I have contacted them for availability, and I was told that the car was sold by Angela Rivera, Customer Care Representative.

Then the next day, on October 19, Angela contacted me that they have received 2 more in stock and told me they are available for sale. Then after communicating and agreeing on price verbally, Angela told me that manager will do the deal as we talked if only I come in and take the car that day. I live in Syracuse, NY so driving to dealer and coming back takes 3 hours. Angela told me William "Billy" Blattner will be contacting me to make sure everything is all set and confirm the time to pick up and do paperwork, and Billy called me around 3pm.

In order to get the car, and drive back, I asked my friend [and his family] and my pregnant wife to come with me so we can all drive back with 2 cars. Billy told me as long as I make the trip that day, we will have a deal. Then I drove there with everyone, got to dealership just before 5pm. Billy was busy with another customer so we waited for about minutes. After he was done with customer, he seemed to be rushed and grabbed me to talk outside by the car.

He then explained how I am "stealing the car" and how this car is the best thing ever. This is generic salesman talk but I already knew what I was getting and how much my payments would be, so I was just there to sign the paperwork and drive off the lot. After some sales pitch, he told me that he can not sell the car due to "title" issues and this car was not "theirs" and they need to wait for paperwork.

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He told me that he can not even let me drive with dealer plates or any other way. He was sorry but that he could do nothing in this case. I asked him if I can speak to manager and he simply told me "I am the manager talk to me" then he offered me to get a loaner car, so I can drive back to home, and come back again. I told him thank you but I am not here to get loaner car, since before I left home, I was confirmed to drive back in a new car I will get.

This was getting worse every minute. While there, Billy told me that I can save time by filling credit application and putting deposit down, which I did to make sure I am a real customer, not a window shopper. Then he wrote down what we agreed on price, payments, lease details, contact information for his notes, and assured me the car is mine for the price we talked, as soon as the paperwork is situated.

I drove back home with everyone I brought in, this was already a bad look for me and my friends, who also was interested in buying a car from this dealership. It took me more than 4 hours to drive back and forth, plus the time spent at dealership and listening salesman how they messed up and can't sell the car. For the following days, I have called back and talked to Billy. Although I want to mention that he told me several times they are extremely busy, selling a lot of cars, can't keep these cars on the lot, a lot of buyers and how good the business is.

Then on Wednesday I was told the paperwork and title is all set, and car is waiting for me with the same price we agreed on and with the same lease details. We agreed to meet on Sunday October 27 to finish off everything and finally get the car. I was somewhat relieved but I was completely wrong. On Friday evening, I got a call from Billy. He said he was calling me to "get ready to prepare" the paperwork for the lease, which should be all done and completed before I drove there on October Although I was shocked, I assumed they are "busy" and he just got confused and forgot the deal and agreement details.

I reminded him the numbers again and he sounded like very surprised and told me he needs to check with his manager. I have not heard back anything, until the next day around 3pm, October 26, keeping in mind that I had scheduled my day to drive and get the car on October 27 noon. He repeated himself I would still be stealing the car and there is no way he can do the deal with agreed terms. He also suggested if I don't want to buy that is totally okay since there are other buyers who is willing to get the car for much more. I have not heard back at all again, then on October 27 on Sunday, I got a text from Billy simply stating my deposit will be refunded ASAP and I don't need to come to dealership.

To this day, I was not able to talk or contact any manager or even get their information, obviously this is hidden on purpose by sales reps. As you may guess, I was planning to get this car, did arrangements, worked on my budget and other needs but due to badly managed dealership and unknowledgeable sales reps, I have spent several hours during weekend, and several hours during workday, and non-existent customer service, I simply wanted to share these details with you. It is a fact that I will not be using this dealership but I will also share my story with everyone so they don't spend their time or live what I have lived.

I recently bought a new car from Empire Hyundai. Frankie was very nice and knowledgeable throughout the entire experience. Everyone was very pleasant to work with and very helpful. Warranty Work - No Way! I purchase my car on August 1st. It was a Ford Fusion. Love the car. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the rear back up camera was not working all the time. I called the service department to schedule a appointment to have it repaired because I knew it was still under warranty.

I dropped off my car on August 28th and got a loaner from them. My service date was the 29th. I saw them leave with my car to go to Romano Ford to drop off so they could do the work.

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I receive an e-mail from the service department at Fucillo on the same day stating that the car was at Romano Ford and since it was going to be a long weekend labor day , they would update me on Tuesday Sept. That was weird because my service date wasn't until the 29th of Aug. Finally on Sept. When I got there I was told that the back up camera only acted up didn't work just once and they couldn't get it to go blank again. I took my keys from them and left. I got it my car and put in reverse and right away the camera didn't work.

They kept my car for so long and just because it's warranty work, nobody spends any time on it because who gets paid for the work. My camera has acted up at least 50 times since I had it back. I am a very unhappy customer and I doubt if I ever will buy a car from them again. It's sad when it's all about who's making money and now how the customer feels. Great experience.

Dealership was helpful and understanding without being pushy. Decent selection of vehicles and great value to cost. Will likely return for new vehicles in the future. Great Experience - tasaffioti. Everyone was fantastic! Keith was great, Ron delivered our car to us and was great and very thorough he has even called a few times to check in on things! Jeri Joyce made the financial aspect go very smoothly and answered all of our questions thoroughly. I have already recommended this dealership to others! Dealer Reviews Find the best dealership for you.

Service Reviews Find good folks to fix your car. Cars for Sale Find the right car for you. Car Recalls Make sure your car is safe to drive. Write a Review. Join Sign In Dealer Panel.


Hyundai Dealers near Filter By. Minimum Rating. Other Filters. DealerRater Certified. Has Reviews. Open Today. Open Weekends. Enter Dealer Name. Sort By. Map View. List View. A dealership's rating is calculated by averaging scores from reviews received in the past 24 months. New York, NY View Reviews.

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Route 2 Hyundai Leominster, MA Leominster, MA Thanks Dave! You rock! Routine maintenance - Bobbynovs. Awesome staff very knowledgeable i bought my last three vehicles from them, I would recommend anyone to purchase or have a vehicle serviced with them.

Service - Carguy,Mario The Service Department has helped us out tremendously, especially since this past visit. I was on the LIE and tire light came on which I have not seen before. I got very nervous. I then called Donna at the service desk and she made me feel comfortable with her responses.

Thank God for Donna you know that you can depend on her!! Sloppy workmanship of service dept - Buddy x. Check you car for oil leaks if you have the oil changed in their service dept. I took my leases Elantra in for oil change and inspection shortly before leaving on vacation to Ohio. The day after we arrived I noticed an oil spot under the engine. On checking the oil it was down a quart. I took it immediately to the local Hyundai dealer there. They found a very loose oil drain plug, saying it had not been properly tightened at oil change. I literally drove miles with oil leaking from the engine and the distinct possibility the plug could have fallen out and the engine blown up!

Another great job Garvey Huyndai north service department!!! The worse service center for a Hyundai - Horrible experience. I made an appoint to service my car oil change rotation of tires I dropped off my car on the scheduled day and time at I went to pick up my car at to find out they did not get to my car at all. They wanted me to go back Are they insane? All you see in there is employees clowning around all over the place. I would not send my worse enemy to go there.

I thank God I did not purchase my car there. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The service department is a nightmare, it starts to go south at check in. I went in for a recall and the experience was horrible. It was supposed to be completed in an hour. It got worse from there on. The service department can only be described as inept and the service Manager was thoroughly incompetent.

Avoid Millennium Hyundai at all costs. Awful - Vonnie. I purchased a Ford Escape on July 8, on hillside ave and I purchased the extended warranty. My friend Betty Billups recommended me to purchase a car at nemet. Nemet has a policy if you purchase a car and bring a friend who also purchases a car. Nemet would give the person that referred you My friend never got the I called and went in person and was promised that a check would be sent out and it was never sent out.

So I got fed up and forgot about it. On July 19, , one year and a couple weeks later, the car broke down, it did not recognize the key and the car would not start. I called Nissan Nemet and was told to come in on July 30th to see a mechanic. I said that is too long to wait my car has no power and would not start.

I left a message on two occasions and my call was never returned; bet if I said I wanted to purchase a car; I would have gotten a call back. I refused to wait that long to see a mechanic so I got a boost from a friend the car started while it keep beeping with the message, " No key detected in car" I drove it to Nemet. I explained what happened to the mechanic and he printed out my extended warranty that I purchased form Nemet and told me to take this warranty to a Ford Dealer.

I said but I purchased it here.

Service Specials

Aren't you going to check it? He said it's a Ford take it to the Ford dealer. So I waited 30 minutes to exit the service department because of the long line of cars that were in front of me. I went to Ford and when the man from Ford looked at my extended warranty. There was not a phone number on the contract so he suggested that I call Nissan and get the phone to the warranty. I called and no one knew the number, no one could help me so I googled the phone and got it.

I found out that the car needed a battery and electrical repair which costed me They are nice when you go to purchase the car but once they get your money. They are not concerned about you and the car any more. Unsatisfied and pushy - Michelle O. I recently had an oil change on my Hyundai Sonata. When at the mechanics they advised me that the water pump was leaking. The person that changed my oil formerly worked at another dealership.

I asked the mechanic to take a picture of the water pump so I could see it. I called Theresa Zito and she advised I bring the car down. When I got there she took the car in and had the mechanic look at it. She told me that there was not a leak and in the 7 years she worked for Hyundai she never saw a water pump go in a Sonata. He also went to the centereach Hyundai and spoke w Theresa and she told him the same as she told me. My father them showed her s picture of the water pump and they agreed to change the warranted water pump.


At the same time, since now the car was on the lift, Theresa told my father I needed brakes. So I scheduled to bring my car in for the warrantee work and asked Theresa how much the brakes would be. I asked her to do the brakes. I was there for 3. I literally just had gotten home and I received a call from Theresa that the water pump was not defected they just updated them since Plus tax.

I advised the cashier the amount was in correct. I spoke w Theresa immediately and she said she never said that I advised her how would I get that number. It was a difference of 3. In the last few months a person by the name of nick called me 8 times to ask when I was buying a new car. But the best yet when he called yesterday and ask how my new Elantra I said it would be great but I never had an Elantra but my 3 sonatas were great.

I asked him to remove my number from their data base and stop calling. UnCompassionate, inpatient - Ven6ise6. When picking up a loaner and transporting my things along with 2 small children. One of the guys turned the AC off and I was unaware. I continued to move my items, talk to the rep and all Transferred the sleeping children last.. Jason told me to move on, it's not that serious, the kid is ok, and stop being loud. He is a clearly uncompationate about how careless this matter is in the 90 degree weather!

What was the rush! It wasn't a lot of cars. Don't insult my intelligence - Soon To Be Famous. Although I greatly enjoyed working with the sales team,, I cannot say the same about the service department. I pulled up to the "wait" area for my 9am appointment and waited and waited and waited. I finally saw a mechanic and said "excuse me, will we there were two vehicles behind me be getting checked in? The mechanic kept walking and mumbled "I don't know where he is. All employees should be trained to provide assistance to the clients.

I finally met with the service associate, went inside, explained what I needed, and had a seat. The room was packed but I expect a crowd at car places so that has nothing to do with my negative review. The mechanic looked over my car and then the service associate tells me that my filters air and cabin are dirty.

I ask to see them and they tell me the car is up on the lift. I guess you are going to have to take it down so I can see what you are speaking about. Before they show them to me they quote some astronomical figure as to how much the filters are and how much the labor will be. Do you think because a woman walks in you are going to try to rip her off?

Do you honestly think that I am going to agree to an 89 dollar charge when I know that filter is 7 dollars? NOPE but good try. I am not sure what type of training the team goes through but this part needs to be eliminated. After I showed the service associate the cost of the filters, he went back to the parts department and guess what? The cost suddenly dropped about 60 dollars for one and about 30 for the other, It is a miracle! I am a very bright person and do not appreciate companies who try to rip people off so therefore, this is why I am providing a negative review.

Customer service should be your number one priority but it certainly was not during my visit, Please change your procedures so that other clients can provide positive feedback. Very rude and unprofessional staff. This place is the worst they dont help you with any problems.. Atlantic Hyundai. Dealer Reviews Find the best dealership for you. Service Reviews Find good folks to fix your car. Cars for Sale Find the right car for you.