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At the time, the only solution was to stop accepting all online coupons. Undoubtedly manufacturers and retailers realized the potential of internet coupons and did not want to just walk away from the problem, but they needed time to fix it. As a result, the industry worked with reputable coupon sites to find global solutions.

As more manufacturers started following the standardized practices regarding what information needs to be on internet coupons, more grocery stores began to expand their acceptance policies. There are still, however, some internet coupons that are more vulnerable to being turned down than others.

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PDF coupons do not generally have bar codes that are unique, which causes the coupons not to scan. It is also one way so many counterfeit coupons are circulated around the internet. Many grocery stores, even those that happily accept internet-printed coupons, will state in their coupon acceptance policies that PDF coupons are not accepted under any conditions. Poorly-printed or blurred coupons are also often declined.

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If the bar code is not clearly printed, it might not scan. Coupons that do not scan will often be declined. A good way to avoid having this happen is by making certain there is plenty of ink in the printer before printing coupons. For coupons that tend to print out blurred or difficult to read the fine print, switching the printing preferences to color printing may be beneficial.

Grocery stores may have policies that limit the volume or amount of the coupons accepted during a single transaction. Also, many stores do not take internet coupons that offer free products. And finally, many stores will not hand-input coupon information, so if the coupon fails to scan, it will not be accepted regardless of the reason.

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Even though many coupons now contain all the necessary information, a store manager may still refuse to redeem coupons. This may happen because of confusion by local store employees about the corporate policy on redeeming online coupons.

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When the occasion does occur that a store will not accept an internet-printed coupon, it is best to understand that policies are in place for a reason. Either speak with customer service or try using the coupon in another store.

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If it is declined again, throw it away and focus on all the coupons that you have used in the past that stores have accepted. The General Guidelines apply to the categories below and are to be referenced in addition to the specific coupon category guidelines. The guidelines below are to be followed in addition to the General Guidelines listed above. When items are featured in a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, at least one product needs to be purchased.

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