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Designer dog clothes for small dogs to large dogs and puppy clothes too. Dresses, sweaters, hoodies, coats and more for fun or formal for your best friend at Snooty Pooch Boutique. Dog clothes are fun and practical. Providing your dog or other pet with luxury dog clothes to keep them warm and protected from the sun and snow.

Popular items include: dog coats, dog raincoats, dog hoodies, and pet sweaters. Do dogs need clothes? Yes, some dogs come equipped with their own heavy fur coats, but some dogs have less layers of fur than others and are genetically not suited to the cold environments to which they have been transplanted.

Consider the Chihuahua, a toy dog breed with very short fur originally from Mexico, now having to bear the frigid temperatures just to relieve itself. Imagine how uncomfortable these dogs are when taking a winter walk!

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If you are concerned about your dog being cold, it is actually a very good thing to put a coat or sweater on him or her. When I think of all the wasted kibble I was throwing away every week! This really is a MUCH healthier diet for the dogs. For those who don't know, keto is a high fat, low carb diet. When you restrict carbs, the body goes from burning carbs to burning fat for energy - so any fat you eat doesn't get stored on the body - it gets burned for energy.

This goes for people, as well as dogs. So now I can feed a truly low carb dog food and they can indulge in the marrow bones that used to make them fat. Joan S. Verified Purchaser Amazon Review. I look forward to seeing healthier, trimmer dogs in my practice. My golden retriever loves Ketona! An easy 5 star! Ben Verified Purchaser Amazon Review.

Jess Downer Jess has spent his year career as an advisor to and portfolio manager for institutional Private Market programs. Jess is currently a Principal with Meketa Investment Group. Julian E.

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Metcalf Local government and public sector consultant. Andrew Douglas VanderPloeg Passionate about everything business. Finance Manager. Michael DAmico I have been in the financial services industry for over a decade covering all aspects of business unit building. I have been involved in the Pet Industry since Jeff Dubin Business owner, professional musician, top-rated piano teacher.

Salt Lake City Utah. Introducing Ketona: The World's First Ketogenic Dry Pet Food Not just a typical dog food, we feature the carbohydrate content of a raw diet with the convenience of a kibble. Why KetoNatural Pet Foods? Check out our financial information, the status of operations, and plans for and beyond. Expand all. What does your company do?

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Where will your company be in 5 years? What's new about what you're making? How is it different? How big is the market? This makes the U. Who are your competitors? How are you different? Ketona combines the best of both worlds. These products also require elaborate refrigeration, preparation, and sanitation procedures.

What do you understand about your business that others don't get? Promo Codes October and Coupons w/ 15% OFF

We also have a deep understanding of the deceptive practices that leading pet food firms have long used to hide the dangers of carbohydrates from their customers. Critically, we also understand that leading pet food firms are unlikely to introduce their own competing brands of ketogenic kibbles, at least not anytime soon.

How will you make money? How do you acquire customers? Primarily through internet-based marketing platforms. Won't leading pet food manufacturers just copy your idea? No, we don't think they will. The reason for this is all leading pet food brands use carbohydrate ingredients extensively in their recipes. As the science of ketogenic diets has emerged over the past 15 years, these businesses have fought tirelessly to protect the faltering reputation of the dietary carbohydrate.

As such, we don't expect that they'll do so until the dangers of carbohydrate consumption are universally appreciated by consumers. We believe that leading brands will primarily aim to fight the emerging evidence on the benefits of carbohydrate-restriction, not embrace it with their own low-carbohydrate products. Pet food is a crowded space.

Varsity Pets Coupon

Aren't there already hundreds of supposedly "healthy" pet foods? There are hundreds of pet food brands operating today. And all of them claim that their products are uniquely "healthy. There's no actual scientific evidence behind them. KetoNatural is different. As explained in detail in "Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma" and as summarized in the various evidence review papers available for download from our main campaign page, there is real, valid, and compelling evidence that minimizing carbohydrate intake is likely to improve real, tangible health outcomes obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc.

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And KetoNatural is the first pet food company in the world to explicitly embrace an anti-carbohydrate message. At a Glance January 1 to December Founded by Daniel Schulof, the Dr. Our gross margin was Net Loss. A note from Wefunder. Financial analysis is not as useful when there is limited data. It's more important to predict the size of the future market. If the founder achieves their vision, will enough customers pay the company enough money?

It's also common for fast-growing startups to lose money even faster: they are investing in future growth. Amazon is a famous example of re-investing potential profits to maximize growth over 20 years. BalanceSheet 1. ProfitandLoss 2. Only Four Days Left! Craig Vom Lehn. We Made It! What do real customers think of Ketona?

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