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News Green number plates to help electric… Six million insurance holders… New rules set to help travellers…. Insurance Records. Updated Monthly. Car Insurance The record's just 96p for a year's fully comprehensive cover. News Barriers removed for some mortgage… Hundreds of ex-Virgin One mortgage….

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Mortgage Best Buys Tool Compare mortgages and best deals on offer. The Demotivator Stops you spending when you can't afford it. News Half of adults think banks should… State pensions to rise by 3.

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The MSE mobile menu not all pages are optimised yet. Insurance Go to full Insurance section. Shopping Go to full Shopping section. News Blog Students Financial Ed. Facebook Twitter Print Whatsapp Mailme. Price Check Ensure you compare prices first , offers aren't necessarily cheapest.

Shop Safely There's a risk any company can struggle, so learn to Shop Safely. Last updated: Tue 22 Oct. Must have receipt. How to do it 1. Share Facebook Twitter Mailme. See all deals: Topcashback 1 deal. For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes - join the 12m who get it. See all deals: Farmfoods 1 deal. See all deals: Coupons 7 deals. Get Deal. See all deals: Jude's ice cream 1 deal. Valid at Boots only. See all deals: Shopmium 2 deals. MSE Rhiannon says: It's best to use these dye-catching sheets inside a mesh bag, otherwise they could get caught in your washing machine and cause an expensive break down.

Save money on washing products Using household items, useful if there aren't coupons. See all deals: Cleaning 2 deals. Save money on cleaning products Using household items, useful if there aren't coupons. See all deals: Neutrogena 5 deals. See all deals: Calpol 9 deals. See all deals: Johnson's Baby 3 deals. See all deals: Sudocrem 2 deals. See all deals: Whiskas 2 deals. Whiskas, Dreamies, Sheba and other MeowneySaving coupons In-pack coupons when you buy stickered products.

See all deals: Nicorette 2 deals. See all deals: Colpermin 2 deals. See all deals: Sudafed 4 deals. See all deals: Benylin 4 deals. See all deals: Imodium 1 deal. Hair care. See all deals: Regaine 2 deals. Personal hygiene. See all deals: Supersavvyme 2 deals. See all deals: Drynites 1 deal. See all deals: Listerine 2 deals.

Vodafone 'VeryMe' deals for mobile customers Download free app to access offers, eg, free coffee. See all deals: Vodafone 1 deal. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Not on O2? MSE Rhiannon says: This offer is great as you get a loyalty card stamp when you claim your free drink, so after nine stamps free or not you'll get an 10th hot drink free, too — great for weeks where one caffeine hit on the go isn't enough.

Wuntu deals for Three mobile customers Download free app to access weekly discounts, rewards etc, eg, free coffee. Wuntu is a free smartphone app for Three customers - it works a lot like O2 Priority. See all deals: Three 1 deal. Supermarket deals. Bananas - normally 76p per 1kg loose. Carrots - normally 59p for a 1kg bag. Onions - normally 82p for a 1kg bag. See all deals: Lidl 6 deals.

More info. See all deals: Sainsbury's 6 deals. See all deals: Aldi 10 deals. See all deals: Morrisons 5 deals. The wonky veg box will include: Carrots - approx four large. Onions - approx six small. Potatoes - approx eight large.

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What's in the box? Why is Asda doing this? See all deals: Asda 5 deals. Loyalty card discounts. See all deals: Co-op Food 3 deals. Must provide a cup. Why do I have to provide my own cup? One free drink per member, per day. Offer excludes hot chocolate and isn't valid at Costa concessions, petrol filling stations, Shell and Welcome Break. Can't be used with other cafe or hot drink offers, or the cafe loyalty card. Show your card at a manned till or scan it at a quick pay station. Also excludes tobacco, stamps, mobile top ups, e-Top up vouchers, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, cashback, infant milk formulae, car park charges, fuel and delivery charges.

See all deals: Waitrose 5 deals. See all deals: Superdrug 2 deals. Go to 'My offers' and sign in using your Advantage Card number. This links your card to the app and you can then select offers by loading them onto your card. Choose the offers you'd like to use in 'Offers just for me' and select 'Load offer to Advantage Card'.

Next time you use your Advantage Card, the cashier or self-checkout will ask you if you want to use the offer in that transaction. What can I get?

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See all deals: Boots 6 deals. You can only do this once a day. Having trouble printing? Grab even more coupons Coupons are everywhere. Ask for a raincheck voucher If a special offer item is out of stock, many supermarkets will give you a voucher entitling you to the same deal at a later date. Don't sneak through self-scanning machines Some self-scanning checkouts let you scan multiple coupons, even when you're not buying the relevant products.

Don't print multiple coupons! Martin's Money Mantras. Before spending If you answer 'NO' to any of the following questions, don't buy. Ask: Do I need it? Can I afford it? Not skint? Ask: Will I use it? Is it worth it? Free protection for all shopping! From debt desperation to happy homeowner in 8yrs. Popular Retailers 10 Deals.

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News homepage. RSS feed. If you started university between and , or since then in Scotland and Northern Ireland, you'll have a Plan 1 student loan. While much is written about whether those with savings should overpay the current English Plan 2 student loans, there's little out there about Plan 1. I wanted to change that, so here's a video explaining how to decide If so, you can reclaim the tax on it.

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Martin Lewis: Debt desperation to happy homeowner in 8 years No matter how dire your money situation seems, there is always hope. Things may never be perfect, but they can improve and taking action is the best way to make that happen.

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The team recently forwarded me an email from Jay, which exemplifies that in beautiful technicolour detail. And Jay has now kindly given me permission to reproduce it. The devastating impact a stroke can have on your finances and your life Martin's blog. MoneySaving Halloween tricks-or-treats for you to make at home. McDonald's MoneySaving hacks.

So instead of just anonymously printing coupons, brands could learn more about you and stay in touch by tantalizing you with bigger discounts. Over time, the new owner ditched the boosting, and Hopster became more of a straightforward printable coupon site. Strong words, from someone whose company still owned and operated a printable coupon site. A third option that Inmar has been toying with, is transmogrifying Hopster from a printable coupon provider to a rebate app.

The app worked much like other receipt-scanning apps, which have you buy a product, scan your receipt, and get cash back. It never really took off, though, and there are no longer any offers on Hopster Rebates. Even Coupons. It is frustrating that the most reliable means of acquiring coupons is quickly coming to an end. In my experience, store app coupons almost never work at the register, and do not offer the option of multiple use.

One coupon for one item. Nothing more, but often much less. I personally believe that this is intentional and the assumption is that couponers with swallow the losses. I refuse to. Wake up people this is a prediction I made years ago when Ibotta, SavingStar, Checkout 51, and the rest of the dead grocery apps came out 4 years ago.

At some point there will be nothing resembling a deal out there. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Another printable coupon provider not named Coupons.